In Celebration of Guitar Month –

Resources for the Liturgical Guitarist

Guitar Prayer

Arranged by Bobby Fisher

Arrangements of 21 familiar hymns and songs for solo guitar and C instrument. Each arrangement has several different sections that range in difficulty from basic to advanced; solo guitar sections may stand alone, while the guitar accompaniment sections may be used to accompany voices as well as solo instruments.

Old-Fashioned Hymns for the Fingerpicking Guitar

Arranged by Robert Henley Woody, Sr.

This collection features the top 20 hymns that have been around for years but still convey powerful meaning to many folks. Each arrangement is carefully crafted to introduce and cultivate finger-picking (some would say classical style) guitar techniques. Positions and fingerings are clearly marked.

Fifteen Christmas Carols for Flute and Guitar

Arranged by Clark Kimberling

Light-hearted with simple harmonic textures and rhythmic passages, these brief arrangements of classic carols will add a delightful and nostalgic air to your Christmas celebrations. Use them as prelude music or as meditations throughout the liturgy. This work will be a valuable resource for your contemporary ensemble during the Christmas season.