This Black Catholic History Month, we cherish the rich tapestry of Black heritage in the Catholic Church. 

Browse these highlighted products and composers to deepen your appreciation for the contributions that Black Catholics have made in the past and are still making today:

The Fire This Time: A Black Catholic Sourcebook

Kim R. HarrisM. Roger Holland IIKate Williams

Lead Me, Guide Me Hymnal

The first hymnal commissioned specifically for African American Catholic Worship, now in its second edition, features the full breadth of African American church music that is suitable for Catholic worship, along with a broader mix of common Catholic repertoire

Welcome Table: A Mass of Spirituals

Kim R. Harris with M. Roger Holland II

Sound of my People

M Roger Holland II

Voice of My People

M Roger Holland II

Mass of the Next Generation

Jeffrey Corry

Arranger: Thomas W. Jefferson, M. Roger Holland II