Choral Diversity: Equity in Sound and Practice

Within the context of the coronavirus pandemic that has converged with social justice activism sparked by police brutality, institutions of higher learning are seeking to more earnestly engage with issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This gathering of educator/practitioners will discuss ideas for implementing policies of inclusion and equity, as well as practical steps towards enacting true, effective diversity in our music making and in the classroom.

This session was cosponsored by GIA Publications and the University of Denver. It was originally broadcast on Monday, August 3, 2020 as part of GIA Publications’ “Summer Series.” For more conversations, check out the series playlist on GIA’s YouTube channel.

Teaching with Heart: Tools for Addressing Societal Change Through Music

Jason Maxx Ferdinand

Teaching With Heart is a timely and relevant resource that offers a well-crafted, research-based approach to choral music education. Students will learn how diverse choral repertoire can be used as a tool to not only advance musicianship, but also as an access point for critical thinking and the enhancement of social emotional learning skills.

The Horizon Leans Forward: Stories of Courage, Strength, and Triumph of Underrepresented Communities in the Wind Band Field

Erik Leung, et. al. 

Compiled by Erik Kar Jun Leung, and with contributions from a diverse team of distinguished wind band professionals, this book shares the profound insights and firsthand experiences of people of color, women, and LGBTQIA2S+ individuals working in the wind band field. Central to this text is the annotated bibliography showcasing more than 200 gifted composers from underrepresented communities along with more than 400 of their best works for wind band, Grades I–VI.