Four Volumes of

Entrance and Communion Antiphons

from M. Roger Holland II

Noted composer M. Roger Holland has taken antiphons from the 2010 Roman Missal and paired them with psalm verses, creating compositions that have wide use in the liturgy. Some parishes will want to use these pieces on the appointed day for entrance or communion processionals. Others may find a use for them throughout the entire year, perhaps using them as a weekly song through the season.

The songs work well as stand-alone processional pieces and many choirs will want to use them as choir anthems or congregational songs during the preparation of the gifts and altar.

While utilizing official texts of the Roman rite, they can be used by congregations of any denomination. Roger explores the wide breadth that is African American music; you’ll find lyric ballades, spiritual-inspired offerings, gospel-style songs, and pieces with a more uptempo feel.

CONTENTS of Volume I: Honey from the Rock • Sing to Your Name • Taste and See • God Is in His Holy Place • The Chalice of Blessing

CONTENTS of Volume II: The Lord Will Come • Jerusalem, Arise • Rejoice in the Lord Always • Behold, Our God Will Come • Hail, Holy Mother • Jesus Christ Is the Same

CONTENTS of Volume III: When He Calls on Me • Not by Bread Alone • Hide Not Your Face • Hosanna • The Lord Is Truly Risen, Alleluia

CONTENTS of Volume IV: O Sing a New Song • God Is Love • Behold Emmanuel • Communion Song