Last week we featured selections of new music for Holy Week. Today, join GIA Editor for Congregational Song Adam M. L. Tice as he explores more titles from the Unbound project for Holy Week, Year B. 

For specific resources referenced in this video, please see the links below. Visit GIA’s Unbound project for more hymns, texts, and resources. 

New Songs for Holy Week

various authors and composers

For download only, this compilation features 12 Holy Week hymn texts from a variety of authors set to both new and traditional tunes.

Songs Unchanged, Yet Ever-Changing

Jacque B. Jones

Accomplished hymn text writer and Hymn Society president Jacque Jones has authored a new collection, Songs Unchanged, Yet Ever-Changing, that brings to life the beauty of our everyday routines, occasions, and experiences. Each text revitalizes classic tunes through rich imagery that touches the modern-day reader, singer, or composer. From occasions such as deaths and anniversaries to themes of nature and praise, to social issues of poverty and diversity—this is an all-encompassing text collection.

Assembled for Song, vol. 2

various authors and composers

This second anthology of texts and tunes from GIA Publications includes texts and tunes from John Bell, David Bjorlin, Mary Louise Bringle, Ben Brody, Rory Cooney, Ruth Duck, Delores Dufner, OSB, David Gambrell, Michael Joncas, Jacque Jones, Sally Ann Morris, and Adam Tice. Among the 50 selections are also individual contributions from other authors and composers whose new texts and tunes are worthy of having the opportunity to “find their vocation.”