The Perfect Summer Professional Development –

Learn from world-renown composer and conductor Alice Parker

The Gift of Song

In this series of beautifully detailed and thought-provoking essays, world-renown composer and conductor Alice Parker beckons us all to return to the natural state of singing. We move beyond the scientific precision of the printed page to uncover the core of creative expression.

Melodious Accord

Alice Parker’s passion for establishing and strengthening the congregation’s voice explodes from the pages of this book and will inspire all who read it to renew their efforts to engage their congregations and challenge them to come together—with voices raised in one, sonorous, beautiful, melodious accord.

The Anatomy of Melody

This book explores the history of melody, its elements, regional differences in performance, and each tune’s primary function in music and in our lives. The Anatomy of Melody provides copious examples of some of the most beloved and well-known melodies of the Western world.

The Answering Voice

The Answering Voice opens our ears and voices to a new way of understanding counterpoint. Drawing on her fifty years of composing and teaching, Alice Parker envisions a theory or composition class where everyone sings. Great melodies are the basic material: they teach us how to create great responses.